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Welcome to Triple-T Designs. Triple-T Designs is focused on bringing you the best and most innovative products in the Scrapbooking industry. We are pleased to present to you The ScrapRack Organization System and Basic Bear Extraordinary Designs.

Who are the Triple-T’s?

T-1 Tiffany was a restauranteur. Introduced to scrapbooking at a Creative Memories party she fell in love with the hobby. Her two small boys were her main motivation for giving up the 7 day a week “restaurant” life. They were also the motivation for creating a portable organizational tool, which will allow you to scrap at the kitchen table until 5 and then serve dinner at that same table at 5:05.

T-2 Theresa Irene was a banker and lifetime crafter. Driven by her motivation to be a fulltime scrapbooker instead of a banker she committed to starting her own line of products. Teaming up with Tamara to give birth to The Basic Bear made her dreams a reality. Theresa Irene, a published scrapbook artist, uses her outstanding customer service skills, her scrapbooking experience and her expertise with banking to contribute to this unique corporation.

T-3 Tamara, has been involved in the craft industry for over 30 years. She is a published craft designer as well as a trained artist. The Basic Bear paper piecing line and idea books are her brain child and handiwork.

Scrapbooking tied them all together.

The common bond between these three women was their love of scrapbooking, not to mention the fact that they are mother and two daughters.

In 2002 the growth of Basic Bear and the introduction of TheScrapRack required more space then anyone’s garage or basement had available. Triple-T made the move from home based business to offices and a warehouse in downtown Tacoma, Washington. Stop in and say Hi if you’re ever in our neighborhood.

We are located in Tacoma, WA. Our mailing address is PO Box 1256, Tacoma, WA 98401-1256. You can also reach us by email at CustomerService@TheScrapRack.com or by phone at 253-284-9200.

Read the The ScrapRack Story - how it was "invented" and why!

I got up from the kitchen table, I know I was only gone a couple of minutes. Just long enough to answer the phone and tell the solicitor on the other end I didn’t need my carpets cleaned, the rock chip in my windshield repaired, or my gutter’s cleaned. Yet when I returned to the table I was horrified! Every one of my markers was “capless”, and my two young boys were covered head to toe in fabulous suits of stickers.
Probably about $50.00 worth of stickers! What could I do? I grabbed my camera.

Moments later my husband arrived home from work.“What’s for dinner?”

“Spaghetti” I said.

“Great,” he said, “let me just wash up and I’ll help you set the table.”

“I thought we’d just eat in the family room,” I said.He looked around the corner into the dining room.

“Honey,” he said, “I love you, and I think your scrapbooks are wonderful, but I am tired of balancing my dinner plate on my knees because your stuff is all over the table.”

Just then our two boys came running into the kitchen. “Daddy!” they yelled.

“Well, what do we have here,” he said, “It looks like you two were attacked by the Sticker Monster.” He began to tickle them. I grabbed my camera.

After balancing dinner on our knees, giving my sons a bath and tucking them into bed I began to clean up my “stuff” the whole time thinking “there has to be a better way.”

Each time I sat down to “scrap,” I spent precious time hauling out my things, precious time searching for things I had purchased for special pages but could never find, and lots of precious scrapping time putting things away.

My wheels kept turning until finally while staring at my cookbook holder it came to me and “Voila!”! The very next day I dragged my husband out into the garage and several pieces of scrap wood later I had the first prototype of TheScrapRack.

I had originally intended this organizational tool for just my own use. It was crude and it was ugly but it worked. >When I had friends over to scrap they were awestruck at how easy it was to use. They tried to get their husbands to build them one. They tried to get my husband to build one for them.

After many requests my husband finally said to me, “Why don’t you get it manufactured and sell it to all your friends?”

Well, here I am, in business with my mother, Tamara, and my sister, Theresa. Together we are Triple-T Designs.

We’ve taken TheScrapRack in various forms to numerous tradeshows, countless conventions, and dozens of crops. We’ve gathered information and made changes. Then we gathered more information and made more changes. It was from these information gathering missions that we got the idea for the removable Spinders, The TravelPack tote and the patented Storage Pages that really can accommodate a 12”x12” sheet of paper.

We are so pleased to finally be presenting it to you.If you were one of those people kind enough to take the time and answer our bothersome questions at a tradeshow, crop or convention we want to say a special “Thanks!” we couldn’t have done it without you! If you are one of those original purchasers who has been waiting patiently since November of 2002 for your ScrapRack “Thanks for your support and Bless You for your patience!”. We know you will love TheScrapRack and be happy to be the first in your group to have one.

Explore the web site to discover more about how TheScrapRack works and why it is the perfect organizational tool for you no matter what kind of “scrapper” you might be.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website. Have a Scrap-Happy Day!

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