Punches, Stamps and Personal Die Cut Organization
Stamps, Inks and Punches into boxes and put into place.

We are often asked; What is the best way to organize Punches, Stamps, and Personal Die Cuts (Sizzix, Quickutz,). Well, it's obvious that you can't put them into your ScrapRack...or can you?

Punches, Stamps, and Personal Die Cuts (P/S/PDC)? can be tricky. Organizing them into drawers or boxes becomes cumbersome, adding new things to a “theme” drawer which is full can result in having to reorganize the drawers above or below – YUCK! The most efficient way to organize these items is using a Catalog and Numbering system which will integrate into your 4 Section System.

What you will need:

  1. Scraps of Cardstock – any color
  2. 12x12 Cardstock – any color
  3. Adhesive
  4. Permanent marker
  5. Ink Pad
  6. All Punches, Stamps, and Personal Diecuts (Sizzix, Quickutz, etc)
  7. A ScrapRack TravelPack with Spinder
  8. ScrapRack Brand SuperSizedSingle Storage Pages

Step 1 – Create a Categories and a Table of Contents

There will be 3 Major Categories

  1. Letter, Numbers and Punctuation Marks This will illustrate all of your alphabet collections.
  2. Themes A to Z These are all the different subjects for which you have P/S/PDC.
  3. Calendar Year (Seasons) January to December
Create a Table of Contents for Section #2 Themes A-Z. This is an alphabetized list of all the themes for which you own stamps, punches and personal die cuts. i.e. Art, Baby, Camping, ….. You probably already have this list if you are currently using the 4 Section System of organization. This list should not include holidays or seasonal headings. Those belong in Calendar Year.

Step 2– Label Cardstock

  • Label a piece of cardstock – Letter, Numbers, Punctuations Marks
  • Label a piece of cardstock with each Theme Name from the Themes A-Z Table of Contents list you’ve created.
  • Label a piece of cardstock with name of each month of the year.

Step 3 – Create Examples, Label P/S/PDC

  • Using your punches, your cardstock scraps, and working with just one P/S/PDC at a time; Write a number on each punch as you remove it from the storage container. Begin with P-1.
  • Next punch out examples of the punch
  • Write the Punch Number on the punched out example
  • Adhere the example to appropriate piece of labeled 12x12 cardstock, i.e if the punch is a Santa you would put it on the cardstock labeled December. Be sure to include examples of punches in every category where they might apply, it you have a Pine Tree punch, it may be appropriate to put in December (calendar), in Camping (themes A-Z), Nature (themes A-Z) etc.
  • In each case, the punched out example will have the Punch number written on it.
  • Work through each of your Punches, and Stamps (use S-1 as your starting number for stamps) and Personal DieCuts (use D-1 as your starting number for dies).
  • As you complete each example you can replace the P/S/PDCs back into the drawers, boxes, or shelves in which you store them.
  • Now label the storage containers to match the item numbers inside the drawer.
  • Use separate storage containers for Punches, Stamps and Diecuts.
  • Once you’ve added all your P/S/PDCs to the Catalog Sheets, put the sheets into the SuperSizedSingle pocket pages and add them to the appropriate section of your ScrapRack.
  • If you have lots of P/S/PDC you may want to create a second set of catalog sheets on regular 8 ˝ by 11 paper. Keep these in a separate notebook. You can take this notebook with you when you go to crops, classes, conventions or shopping. This will help you to buy things that complement what you already have rather than duplicate what you’ve already go.
  • When you are working on a Specific theme, or need a specific size or look in an alphabet, you can refer to these catalog sheets to see everything you have in one place. The numbers on the examples will lead you quickly and easily to the correct storage container.
  • As you purchase new P/S/PDC, create examples of them, put the examples in the appropriate place in your catalog, number the P/S/PDC and put it away numerically.
  • When you learn to make something fun with your punches or stamps, place a sample and any instructions in the appropriate ScrapRack Section and you'll remember to use it again!

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