How to Organize Your ScrapRack

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The Four Section System

The Philosophy
Our philosophy for organization is a simple one “If you can find it, You can use it.” Our products were designed by scrapbookers for ultimate organization and function. If you follow this very simple system you will achieve the following results:
-Ultimate Organization At Your Fingertips
-Increase your Page Production
-Less Waste of Time and Supplies
-Scrapbooking Sanity

The System
Scrapping experts agree that categorizing your supplies is key to your productivity as a scrapper. If you can find what you've got you'll produce pages in record time and save yourself lots of time and money. We've developed this 4 section system and found that it works for most scrappers - expert or beginner.

This system is divided into 4 Major categories

- Alphabets and Numbers
- Themes A-Z
- The Calendar
- The Rainbow

Section One – Alphabets and Numbers
These items are used on almost every kind of page regardless of the style, season, event or page content. Often times you will use a variety of colors or styles on one page layout. This is the reason they are filed separately rather than grouped within The Rainbow.

Section Two – Themes A to Z
This is a section for keeping all of your theme or event specific papers and embellishments. Things like Art, Birthday, Camping, Travel, Weather… It’s helpful when you are organizing this section to keep a Table of Contents. This will keep you more focused when you remember that you have Weather section instead of a Rain section.

Section Three – The Calendar
This is as simple as it sounds. January through December. This is where you will store holiday and season specific papers and embellishments. Using The Calendar allows you to store subjects you might use together, close together, i.e., Christmas in The Calendar would also be next to New Year’s Eve, Winter, and Thanksgiving, Easter would be next to Spring, etc.

Section Four – The Rainbow
This section should contain all of your solid colored supplies as well as patterned papers that are not theme specific (plaids, dots, stripes, etc.). This includes; Buttons, Brads, Eyelets, Fibers, Bows, Paper, etc. Remember the idea is to have everything in one place. When you need a red embellishment you don’t want to dig and search, you just want to flip to red.

Frequently Asked Organization Questions
What do I do with my paper scraps?
Put your paper scraps into a page pocket in The Rainbow Section of your ScrapRack. When you need a small piece of paper for matting or accent it will be easy to locate. You will use more and waste less. Only save scraps that are at least 2”x3”.

I buy my embellishments in large quantities, they will never fit in a pocket. What do I do with them?
Place a dozen or so embellishments in a small zip lock bag and place the bag in a storage page in your ScrapRack. Store remaining quantities of embellishments (buttons, eyelets, etc.) in an embellishment case. Restock your ScrapRack as you run low. This will prevent you from having to “dig or search” while you are in the process of creating.

Will my ScrapRack accommodate 12x12 paper?
Yes, our SuperSized Single storage page is designed to accommodate even bigger than 12x12 paper. This means that the papers with the small tab across the top of them will also fit.

How full Is full?
How many pages fit on a spinder?
This really depends on what you store but you can figure 30+ pages per spinder, more for thin items, less if you store bulky items. Click the picture for larger view.

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