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Just wanted to let you know - I got my scrap rack about a month or so ago. I bought it primarily for my Club Scrap kits. I was disappointed at the beginning, because almost everyone said I should'nt use it for that. Well I put all my CS stuff in a couple of weeks ago, and am so much in love with my Rack now, I just ordered another base, spinders, etc. Now I can organize all my SB stuff, and get to it easily. I can finally see everything I have and use it. Just thought I would share.

Well, What can I say about the scraprack. That EVERY scrapper or paper artist or collage artist should have one. That you scrap faster and easier and BETTER with one. That, by simply organizing it, you know what you have, and your hubby will like this--YOU SAVE MONEY--because you actually use what you have! It makes clean up easier--because EVERYTHING HAS A HOME! It makes you look like a professional, instead of having everything sprawled all over your table, at least I think it makes me look less like a slob. And If your desk faces the door, and your rack is completely full, it's really good for hiding the mess behind it! SO you don't have to shut the door to your scraproom when company comes over, because the mess is behind it! LOL Because it takes all these other organizers, that really didn't work for me, and consolidates it into one place, so I don't have stuff stashed all over the place. And the sorting system REALLY works. I want something red, I flip to the Red section in the Rainbow part. I want something for football, I flip to F in the alphabet part. Plus, it gives me an excuse to go see my best friend Paula. Since she is a little bit "organizationally challenged", she asked me to organize HER scraprack for her! - Martie

" Ok you guys!! I am normally a lurker but I just HAD to pop in and tell you about the fabulous SCRAP RACK I purchased at the Oregon Expo. I had heard a lot about this and was interested. But then I saw the booth!! The woman (was it Tiffany?) was demonstrating how the ScrapRack worked. I have been searching high and low for a system to work for me. I have a ton of stuff but can never find it. This was it!!! I bought the big package and will be going to the website to order more pages. This thing is the greatest organizational tool I have ever seen!! I filled up all 3 spinders already and need to get more. If you do a Google search for The Scrap Rack, you will get there! Thanks so much ScrapRack people!!!
Teri Miller- Beaverton, OR

Theresa met Mary & Kathleen when she was setting up a class at Isle of Scrapbooks. They had just come from a “Girls weekend” Where they and two other of their friends rented a 2 bedroom suite at the Marriott on the beach, stocked the fridge with goodies and scraped the weekend away. When they saw the ScrapRack they fell in love with it and each and bought the whole Get Started Package! Mary said to Theresa “You had me at HELLO - Oh my GOSH this is the best system I’ve ever seen!”
Mary and Kathleen, Rancho Cucamonga CA

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